Water Damage Restoration Methods

Water Damage Restoration Methods

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Water damage restoration is the process of restoring water to the pre-loss stage.. No set pattern is declared from the government of New Zealand; regarding the procedures of flood or water damage restoration. Yet, IICRC and RIA, the certifying bodies who are quite renowned, do mention the procedures for water damage restoration.

Both methods cited by IICRC and RIA are rather different from each other. However, most companies accordingly follow S500, the IICRC method.

S500 Restoration

The procedure of dry carpet water restoration is based upon practical experiences. After all, much research and extensive researches and gathering of facts and figures has come into existence.

All the industries and communities who has contributed to gathering information are regional, national and international associations working for the restoration of disaster industry, the scientific community, cleaning schools, equipment manufacturers, chemical formulators, insurance industry, trades persons and many more experienced industries. The best part about the S500 water damage restoration method is that as and when technology evolves, as a result, the method evolves too following the processing and testing procedures.

The S500 method does not teach the industries the way of  restoration. It provides the practical standards that are mandatory for water damages. The basic principles upon which the restoration process of water depends are provided by the S500 method of water damage restoration.

Firstly, review every restoration job, according to it’s procedure and scope. Follow all rules and regulations laid out by the country. Furthermore, the latest and most innovative technology that is sustained at that very point, should be considered during dry carpet water damage restorations.

Because each requirement for water damage restoration is varied, follow the steps and guidelines accordingly; be it for homes, buildings, or any other structure.

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